Associated Fire Protection is known for delivering quality fire sprinkler systems. Whether fabricated in our on-site fabrication shop or shipped directly from our vendor, we guarantee the workmanship of every system and use the highest quality materials available.

The materials we use are provided by some of the most recognized manufacturers in the fire sprinkler industry and all of our welders are certified by the American Welding Society and are required to pass the certified welders exam.

A Look Inside Our Custom Fabrication Shop

Our team understands that every project is different. Having the flexibility to craft a unique solution for each situation is key to efficiently delivering a fire protection system that exceeds your expectations. To ensure that we can meet these objectives, we’ve invested in an on-premise, 12,000 square foot custom fabrication shop.

Each designated station in the shop is custom designed for a different step in the fabrication and assembly process.

Our shop includes:

  • A welding station with two Miller multiprocess welders and a plasma cutter
  • A large pipe crane for quickly unloading raw pipe materials
  • Pipe cutters, roll groovers and threaders

Why is this Important?

Whether you’re an architect, a contractor, or a building owner, you are looking for partners that will not only get the job done right, but also on time and on budget. Simply creating a solution that is up to code is not enough.

At AFP, we pride ourselves in our attention to detail — from the efficiency of the delivery process itself to maintaining the integrity of the aesthetics and architectural detail of the building.

Every Job is Different

Our fabrication shop provides us with a level of flexibility and control that our competitors simply can’t match. We don’t have to rely on third-party vendors or fabrication shops. This means that we aren’t limited by the stndard sizes and configurations that they offer or by their production schedule.

If we need to meet an expedited delivery schedule, we simply provide the fabrication ourselves and deliver directly to the job-site. We can also ensure that every piece meets our quality standards before they ever leave the shop.

Often, jobs present unique challenges. By bringing the fabrication process in-house, we can be agile and address these challenges as we face them, without adding to the cost or delaying the project.

By looking at the big picture and having complete control of the fabrication process, we can guarantee quality, reduce waste, better manage our delivery schedule, and ensure that we hit target dates for system installation.

If you’d like to learn more about our team and our custom fabrication shop, contact us today! We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have and even give you a tour of our facility.