LGFCU (Local Government Federal Credit Union) prides themselves on being a modern, technology-driven bank. When they decided in 2014 to purchase the 100,000 square foot building that was once the headquarters of Wake County Public Schools, they knew it was their opportunity to make a statement.

We are proud to have been a part of the team that transformed 3600 Wake Forest Road into a multi-award-winning corporate headquarters that personifies progress.

Bold architectural elements and hard angles make the building feel dynamic and alive and the spatial design creates an environment that promotes engagement and communication.

But being forward-thinking is about more than just the architecture. LGFCU’s new headquarters is also Certified LEED Gold®. From the reused materials to the low-flow bathroom faucets, efficient HVAC system, and LED lights, this project is truly an example of what a modern, sustainable building can be.

Having partnered with both the Architect and General Contractor for this project on numerous occasions, we understood the important role they needed us to play in bringing this impressive project to life.

A Unique Challenge

The sprinkler system needed to not only be code compliant and provide peace of mind for the LGFCU team, but also blend seamlessly with the aesthetic of the building. The unique geometry and 45 degree angles were particularly challenging, as the elevation varied throughout the building.

The project was fast-paced and required an incredible attention to detail. Our team even expedited the design and approval process of our system by attending a 2-day City of Raleigh Express Review Permitting Meeting.

A 3D BIM Model allowed our team to coordinate in weekly meetings with our partners and the other trade designers to ensure that all trade equipment was coordinated prior to installation. From there, our team leveraged the use of our on-site fabrication shop to expedite production and ensure the quality and precision of all materials and piping that was cut and fabricated according to the 3D BIM Model.

Weekly site visits by our Engineering Department enabled our team to regularly check in with our field crews to get the latest on the progress of the installation.

Protecting a World-Class Building

The end result is an incredible system that includes custom colored, concealed pendent sprinklers throughout the common areas and a double-interlocked pre-action fire suppression system for the main server room.

The 4-story parking deck structure is also fully protected with multiple dry pipe sprinkler systems that utilize low-pressure dry pipe valve assemblies and galvanized piping throughout. It protects lives and property without distracting from the visual appeal that our partners worked so hard to achieve.

The LGFCU headquarters is a true work of art, and has won numerous awards, including:

  • TBJ best redevelopment award
  • Eagle Award for Best Renovation
  • Eagle Award for Best BIM Project
  • Sir Walter Raleigh Award for Community Appearance
  • Excellence in Construction, Carolinas ABC